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Meet the Kraken: Sinister Souls (ft. DarkMatter records)

Studio Drum and Bass x Sinister Souls

For this episode of “‘Meet the Kraken”, we had a little chat with one of the main acts of the darkest recesses of Drum and Bass, Sinister Souls.

This interview was made during a legendary DarkMatter event in Paris, featuring some of the heaviest artists in the neurofunk scene. Astonishing perfomances from Tobax, find his guestmix on our channel here, but also Cod3x or Counterstrike. 


Sinister Souls

➬ Soundcloud

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DarkMatter Records

➬ Soundcloud

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Motion Designer: Ikari & OTO

➬ OTO 

➬ Ikari


Graphic Designer

➬ Jack Stimpson

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